3-Part Live Webinar

May 24 at 2pm ET | May 29 at 1pm ET | June 5 at 3pm ET

Replays available for past events when you RSVP.

Frank Bealer

Carey Nieuwhof

Heather Zempel

Chris Kim


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Session 1: MAY 24, 2018 at 2pm EST

Heather Zempel: How To Recruit Small Group Leaders 

You know small groups are important and you know leaders are even more important. But where do these leaders come from? And doesn't it seem like there is never enough leaders? What if there was a plan that would help you recruit the small groups leaders you need? Heather shares the practical ways they've been able to recruit small group leaders at National Community Church. 

Session 2: MAY 29, 2018 at 1pm EST

Carey Nieuwhof: How To Train Small Group Leaders  

It's one thing to have small group leaders, but what do you do once you have them? We all know that people learn on a need to know basis, so what is it that your leaders need to know as they lead? And, how do you provide training so that your small group leaders feel confident and competent through every season of their small groups? Join us as Carey shares some insights about how they've been able to train small group leaders at Connexus Church.

Session 3: JUNE 5, 2018 at 3pm EST

Chris Kim: How To Retain Small Group Leaders 

You have the small group leaders but how do you keep them for the long haul? Chris Kim, from North Point Community Church, will share a few ways to invest in leaders to help prevent burn-out.  

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